Charm Bead jewellery guide

There are several types of European Charm Bead Bracelets on the market, whilst some beads are interchangeable not all beads will fit on all bracelets.
All of our beads have a sterling silver core of a least  4.5mm core and will fit Pandora, Trollbeads, Biagi and Chamilia style jewellery.

Do Pandora beads fit trollbeads bracelets?

Yes, Pandora type glass beads and charms have core size of 4.5mm threaded core; Pandora beads and charms will fit trollbeads bracelets. Pandora bracelet chains are a snake chain with screw fittings so that beads and charms can be fixed in place at 2 points around the Pandora charm bracelet. Clasps and stoppers are also available for Pandora jewellery so that your beads will not fall off when removing your jewellery.

Do Trollbeads fit Pandora jewellery?

No, trollbeads have a 4mm core which is smaller than Pandora beads and charms. Trollbeads will only fit on trollbead bracelets. The trollbead chain is a foxtail chain which is fastened with a lobster clasp, there are lots of pretty clasps available which can be changed whenever desired.

Do lovelinks fit trollbeads and Pandora style bracelets?

Yes, lovelinks beads will fit trollbeads  and Pandora bracelets but not the other way around. The barrel on lovelinks bracelets are slightly larger than other brands making it harder to find beads that will fit them.

 Do Chamilia beads fit trollbeads and Pandora style bracelets?

Yes, Chamilia will fit trollbeads  and Pandora bracelets. Pandora beads will also fit Chamilia bracelets; Chamilia jewellery also has the 2 points at which the beads can be fixed on the bracelet.

What size bracelet do I need?

For Pandora and Chamilia type bracelets (bracelets with a barrel clasp) measure you wrist and then add at least 3cm depending on how tight you want your bracelet. As you add more beads and charms the bracelet will become tighter. An average size is 19cm.
Charm Bead Jewelry Bracelets

For Trollbeads type foxtail bracelets again measure your wrist this will give you the bracelet size as the clasp will add between 2 and 2.5cm depending on the type. An average size is 17cm


The sterling silver murano charm beads- are whole cores that run right through the bead, these beads will fit all bracelet types except Lovelinks.

The pandora style beads with a threaded core will act as a stopper on Pandora bracelets as they screw onto the bracelet. These beads will also fit Chamilia, Biagi and Trollbeads bracelets

Sizes of sterling silver charm beads vary and will be stated on the product description, many of these beads have larger cores and so will fit more bracelet types.

If beads are only suitable for certain bracelets it will be stated in the product description.

If you are not sure which beads will fit your jewelry or if our bracelets are compatible with charm beads please contact us and we will reply to you asap.
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